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Contact LoneStar Locators

Contact our team and give us some details on your requirements.

Get A tailored list of apartments

One of our agents assigned to your search will put together a custom tailored list of apartments that fit your requirements.

Choose your favorite listings

Pick your favorite apartments and we will call and set up a time for you to go on a tour

Go check out your future home

Go tour your favorite listings. We will follow up to see how everything went and see if we need to provide another list with different criteria.

Found the one?

Once you find your dream apartment please be sure to put your agents name down on the application.

We have more!

We are going to save you even more money! We are here to help you make informed decisions on your utilities. We want to save you time and money in the process of moving and we will prove it. We believe that by educating you on your available services, you will be able to make more informed purchase decisions that will save you time and money. You can always talk to a My Utilities connections advisor over the phone, via our online chat, through text message or email.

What's the catch?

We don't charge you a dime. Our services are 100% FREE to you.