Frequently Asked Questions

In some cities like Chicago and New York, the broker charges a fee for finding an apartment. In Dallas, we don’t charge a broker fee because we are compensated from the advertising budget of the apartment communities. Our compensation does not affect your rent, deposit, or application fee in any way. As our client we represent your best interest, but we are compensated by the property that approves your lease. Most of the apartments in the DFW metroplex work with locators, so we can help you find a place close to school or work.


Very simply, we will save you a tremendous amount of time, trouble, expense and stress during the apartment hunting process while providing accurate and reliable community and neighborhood information. The service is 100% absolutely free to you and you are actually working with caring agents who are providing objective and subjective insight and information that a website cannot. It is a dedicated and personal service that is focused on giving you solid information to make an informed decision. Let us do a lot of the work for you so the experience is a much easier one!! We truly care about your decision on where to live.


It may appear to you that the more agents you have working for you, the more access to properties you have. This is simply not the case. All real estate agents have equal access to all of the properties. No one has exclusive rights to a certain property over another. Also, it is important that you choose the agent/service that provides the most value and since that person will be spending their time, resources and skill, they should be compensated for their efforts. If you are using several different locators, only one will get compensated. Choose one you trust and like and remain loyal to them.


The easiest way to explain this is to think of airline pricing. Approximately 80% of all of the communities in the entire Dallas metropolitan area use “dynamic pricing”. This means that pricing for a specific available apartment changes daily and are different rates depending on exact move in date chosen, the lease term you select, the day you visit the property and other sophisticated internal market factors that are built into the system. Since pricing is dynamic, we like to call and check availability for you the day before you visit so you have accurate and reliable information before getting in your car to visit properties. This is a great help to you and will save time and gas !!


So, your locator has provided a good value and service to you. You want to make sure to follow the proper protocol to ensure they receive the credit you want them to receive for making the process so much easier for you. Very simply, every time you email, call or visit a property please let them know your locator sent you. If the leasing professional at the property asks you to fill out a guest card or asks you “how you heard about them”, please note Anthony Cedano with Rogers Healy. If you log onto a specific apartment portal and do an on line application, always choose “Locator”, “Locator Service” or “Realtor” when going through that on line process or simply type our name in whatever space is provided. Basically, it is important that you understand that the community is only going to give credit to one source, so please call the property if the process is not clear or simply call us before you log onto any specific property website. Thanks for loyalty and understanding. We are very grateful for your loyalty.

The way things work here, it basically comes down to whoever completes an application and surrenders a deposit and any other required application/processing fees first. That means someone on a computer can submit an application on-line before you apply so a unit you want to apply for can go quickly. The bottom line is, whoever pays a deposit first and submits an application will be the first one to get processed and if approved, will get the unit.


Yes, they do exist but 90% of them are truly bad places to live…roach invested, crime infested and in poor condition, etc…. There are a handful of decent ABP properties in Dallas and we can tell you which ones to consider.

Pets are allowed at most properties and almost all allow cats. There are a few that do not allow dogs, but not many. Those that allow dogs have different weight and breed requirements. Some properties may allow dogs up to 40 lbs, others up to 100 lbs. If you own a German Shepherd, Chow, Rockweiler, Doberman, Pitt Bull or any other breed that has been profiled as an aggressive breed, you will not be able to live at 99% of the apartment communities in DFW. You will have better luck with a private owner in this case. Also, the vast majority of apartment communities will only allow you to have 2 pets maximum.


Apartments advertise the base rent but here are other fees that may be added to your rent:

Valet trash……………$20 to $40/month
Renters Insurance..$15-$20/month
Pest Control…………$2 to $6/month
Water…………………..Usually billed based on use but could be allocated billing
Technology Fee…….Very rare but can exist at the most upscale places
Gas………………………Very rare but some complexes have gas and it is billed through the office

Water is almost always billed from the office and added to your rent so you do not have to worry about getting water service set up. With the few rare places that have gas, this is the same set up. Outside of these two items, you will have to choose your electric provider (there are many choices and we can help you with this) You will also want to choose your cable, internet and phone provider (if you chose to have a home phone). Generally, Comcast, ATT and DirecTV are available here but some communities may have a contract with a local provider you are forced to use. Good question to ask if this is important to you.

First of all, to view an apartment, most places will require a photo ID to tour the property and the units. When you apply, most places will accept a personal check for the deposit and the application fee. A lot of properties also collect a non-refundable processing fee as well. It would be ideal to bring your last 2 paycheck stubs or an offer letter if you are a new hire and if you are self-employed, your last tax return and last 2 months of bank statements. If you are not a citizen of the US, a passport will be required and if you have a social security card, please bring it with you as well.

Absolutely! We have experienced and caring Buyer’s Agents that will really take the time to educate you on the process and who listen to you. We will represent you with integrity, care and professionalism. We truly thank you for the opportunity to be of service and are very grateful that you are placing your trust in confidence in us to serve you. THANK YOU!!


Contact us, give us some details.

We will put together a tailored list of apartments. LoneStar Locators is given exclusive access to some of the hottest promotions in DFW. Potentially save up to 2 months FREE rent by using our service. You will also receive a $300 credit towards your move or a Visa gift card.

Tell us which ones you are interested in. 

We will call and schedule a tour for you to go check out your future home. 

All you have to do is put your agents name on the referral form on your application and you will receive your incentives.